Lada Niva

Niva is Niva! Who knows what this car is, what fun is it, and what adventure you can have with her is lucky person. Niva is a unique machine that you can beat every mud, snow, stone. It was not design for asphalt roads. Because who has seen asphalt without holes in Soviet times? ?

As long as in our beautiful, picturesque Georgia all the destinations will be covered with asphalt roads, we will know where our Niva can play. And for such fun we want to invite you!

Do you remember the slogans from the Soviet times about Niva? We will introduce you to two of them:
“Gniotsa nie lamajetsa”. (It bends, not breaks)

Georgian national slogan: “Niva Niva kvelgan miva, tu gapuchta ciem k*s miva” (Niva Niva will get everywhere, if it breaks down dk two will get there.)
*** an ugly word for male genitals