Kavzuka Rachuka Tapluka

Are you curious what Kavzuka has to do with Racha?

Working on the development of tourism in Racha, we came up with the idea that an old retro bus would be a perfect match for this wonderful region. It would be ideal for exploring the area in a old-way style. For the next few days, the idea grows. We had two cars on our mind: GAZ 66 and KAVZ 685.
I got information that someone is selling Kavz and on the same day we went with Ika to Tbilisi. When we looked into the hall, I saw a flash in Irakli’s eyes. That was it! I didn’t have the money with me, but it wasn’t a problem. I made a phone call to a friend from Svaneti and the money was in the account right away and that’s how we got Kavza 685!
The papers went missing somewhere, but that wasn’t a problem for us!

We found out that the bus belonged to the rugby team. The driver of this bus was an elderly man who, as it turned out later, left the papers in the garage, during the last trip with this car to Guria, where he went with the whole team.

The same day we came to Kutaisi with him and the renovation started.
Mengrelian doctors: Mamuka and Gogita rolled up their sleeves and took up the job.
The heart of the whole bus, called “Tamada of 8 cylinders” unfortunately had to be dismantled. As a patient for the transplantation we choosed Police Mercedes Vario 4.0 diesel, an old model, so called green, without turbo. The best one!
It was like breathing new life into our little one!

After some extreme tests, our bus pass technical exam, takes all papers and a name – Kavzuka.
From the bus brand: Kavz, and the suffix – ka – from the love of the Central Caucasus region – Racha.
The Rachans add suffix -ka to everything they love.

Then, for a next few days, we did our own renovations and started to learn how to use Kavzuka. And she started learning our routes
Right after the renovation, Kavzuka was used for a wedding at our friend’s ceremony. And she passed the test to A.

We assigned Kavzuka to travel around Racha, but at the same time another crazy idea was born. We also need a retro machine to travel around Guria. But you can read about this story when you click on #blueguria.

Some memories: