Gomismta. Malownicza Guria [2 dni]

beautiful Guria
2 days

In the green mountains of Little Caucasus there is a district where tea production started in 1942. This region has been growing tea of excellent quality to this day and it is definitely ‘must see’. Many monuments, the beautiful history and the everyday family atmosphere. This is where Blueguria takes our guests.

Unique grapes of endemic origin, which include the rarest Chkhaveri. The grapes are part of the folklore and have their own unique character.

There are of course plenty of rivers and waterfalls, but the main attraction, which in 2020 was included in the top 10 list according to CNN and BBC and other magazines is Gomi resort. Gomis Mta is located over 2100m above sea level on the border with Upper Adjara. It is a place that is covered like a duvet with white clouds in the morning and offers a view of the Black Sea and the Kolbian valleys.

Blueguria, which is a bus prepared for Guria and the Gomi Mountains, promotes this region. We invite you to discover the best piece of the region that all travellers love.


We start the tour from the centre of Kutaisi at 10:00. We’ll go to Ozurgeti and visit the mineral water factory where we’ll drink one of the most famous Nabeghlavi mineral waters. We will visit a guesthouse and a small bio factory where we will taste chnaps, tea and delicious local gurian dishes. Then we will drive through the picturesque Ozurgetian villages, admiring the green mountains and local architecture and we will reach the valleys of the unique Georgian grape and wine species Chkhaveri. We will go to Gomis Mta by trails located on 2200m above sea level. Upon arrival we will place our things in a wooden house and make a picnic prepared by our team. We will light a bonfire and admire the views while strolling through the picturesque town of Gomis Mta. We will spend the night here and have a nice evening together.

The next day in the morning we will all get up together to see at least once this magic of clouds, which like a big white duvet cover the Black Sea and the Kolkia valleys. It would be hard to leave this beautiful region without meeting another fantastic family with their cuisine, wine and tea.

We will also visit the village of Shukhuti, which is the home of rugby. The locals play according to their rules once a year. The two sides of the village fight against each other. It is an amazing, several hundred years old tradition that we will explain to you on the spot. Then, before Kutaisi, not far from the town of Wani, we will bathe in thermal pools in the middle of nowhere. This is a unique place opened 5 years ago. These waters fill people with incredible warmth and energy. So relaxed we will return to the start of the point, to Kutaisi.

– this tour is all inclusive and everything except individual purchases of cheese and alcohol is included in the price (you can do your own shopping on site)
– 2 days, 1 night
– tours possible between 20.04 and 20.11

– Blueguria (4-6 persons) – 180 EUR/person
– Kavzuka (8-14 persons) – 130 EUR/person
– Jeeps (4-6 persons) – 180 EUR/person
– Black Volga, 2 cars available (2-3 persons) – ask for price
– Lada Niva, 2 cars available (2-3 persons) – ask for price
– Yellow Lada 02 (2-3 persons) – ask for price

– guide and pilot care
– car
– fuel
– 1 overnight stay in tents in Gomis Mta / in bad weather in local huts (accommodation in wooden local cottages or tents)
– polyphonic music of Samuel Shavlishvili’s folklore band “Folklor Laboratori” from Ozurgeti
– local tea tasting in Mali
– the Nabeghlavi Mineral Water Plant (sometimes it may be closed)
– tasting gurian Chkhaveri grape species
– regional refreshments while driving
– wine and chacha
– learning about local folklore
– for those who wish to do so, we provide 2/3 of our tents and mates (without sleeping bags) free of charge.
– video and photo memories from #toursbykote
– 24h supervision
– in case of a car breakdown, we guarantee a new one and continue the journey

Responsible for taking care of our groups is a team with years of experience. You can see them in the “team” section.

– We’ll send you a detailed plan and options on the route, and a concrete description after contacting us. toursbykote.kavzuka@gmail.com
– We require a 20% advance.
– When booking another trip with us we offer a discount

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