Blue Guria

Blue as the sky above the beautiful mountains of Gomi. This is our Ford Transit Retro, which we specially bought and rebuilt for 6 guests, the driver and a guide. This is ideal car for the Ozurgeti Gurian climate.

In the green mountains of the Little Caucasus there is a district where tea production started for the first time in 1942. This region still grows excellent quality tea to this day and it is definitely ‘must see’. As well as the many monuments, the beautiful history and the everyday family atmosphere. This is where Blueguria takes our guests.

Unique endemic grapes, which include the rarest Chkhaveri. The grapes are part of the folklore and have their own unique character.

There are of course plenty of rivers and waterfalls, but the main attraction, which in 2020 was included in the top 10 list according to CNN and BBC and other magazines is Gomi resort. Gomi is located over 2100m above sea level on the border with Upper Adjara. It is a place that is covered like a duvet with white clouds in the morning and offers a view of the Black Sea and the Kolbian valleys.

Blueguria, which is a bus with love for Guria and the Gomi Mountains, promotes this region. We invite you to discover together with us the best piece of the region that all travellers love.